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Carrot Lifestyle is my way of sharing my best life hacks for a sustainable everyday life.

I live in Ostrobothia, Finland, by the ocean with forest and beautiful nature surrounding me. That’s when I don’t travel the world as a digital nomad. Carrot Lifestyle is my answer to the requests from my international friends that don’t speak Swedish. You see, I have a Swedish blog called Morotsliv that been up and running since december 2010. Since 2012 I have also given speeches, lectures and workshops in Swedish-speaking parts of Finland and Åland Islands in raw food, superfoods, natural skincare, organic cleaning and other topics on how we can minimize the use of harmful chemicals.

Here I share ideas and thoughts from my everyday life, in my pursuit of finding healthier and more sustainable solutions for my everyday life.

As you may already know, what I have found to be the right choices for me, doesn’t necessarily have to be the right choices for you. But hopefully you can find some inspiration and start making your own new choices that will make you life easier, lift your energy levels and boost your health. Always remember to love yourself and listen to your own inner voice.

With love, Ila